Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Open Letter on the Arrest of Ejup Ganic from Professor Francis A. Boyle

The arrest of Ejup Ganic by the British government is all political. TheBritish have always detested and hated Ganic because he was the oneBosnian war-time leader who had the guts to stand up against thempublicly, so this is now the British payback against Ganic, Bosnia andthe Bosnians. Indeed, it was Ganic who personally helped me get thelegal authorization from President Izetbegovic to sue Britain at theWorld Court for aiding and abetting genocide against Bosnia, asexplained in the attached Note. This British persecution of Ejup Ganicis simply a continuation of the genocidal policies that PerfidiousAlbion has always pursued against Bosnia and the Bosnians.

Professor Francis A. Boyle

General Agent for the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina withExtraordinary and Plenipotentiary Powers before the International Courtof Justice (1993-1994)


Anonymous said...

It is political but I think it doubtful that Ganic is a figure of that importance to the current holders of office in the UK government. I think this action with its smack of political opportunism is more likely to be part of a domestic stitch-up, with British politicians eagerly taking advantage of an opportunity presented by Serbia to show themselves taking firm action on the war crimes issue. It is the combination of short-sighted opportunism and the apparent complete lack of principle/understanding that appears to inform relations with Serbia that is to blame and is so dangerous for the future. There's a very interesting analysis by Branka Magas at the Bosnian Institute website:


What lies behind the arrest of Ejup GaniƦ

Katja R. said...

Good! I am glad someone has come to Mr. Ganic's defense!

Anonymous said...

I should like to add that I don't pick any argument with Prof. Boyle's criticism of Britain's shameless appeasement of / collusion with Milosevic in 1991-1995.

Srebrenica Genocide said...


Thank you for your support. Dr Ganic was released on bail. According to Ejup Ganic's legal adviser Damir Arnaut, the so called evidence against Ejup Ganic consists of 12 pages - 10 of which are various newspaper clippings inadmissable in court! Who is behind this circus? It's genocide denying Serbian ultranationalist group headed by Darko Trifunovic and mascaraded as the "Belgrade Law Project Centre."

Srebrenica Genocide said...

Dear Kirk,

What's going on brother? Are you alive? Please don't tell me you lost interest in Bosnia?

Let me make it more fun for you. Please read my latest article and follow up comment by a respected Newsweek journalist Ginanne Brownell, here is the link.

Kirk Johnson said...

Dan, don't fear, I haven't lost interest, I just haven't been blogging much lately. I've been busy with other stuff. I was working on a bibliography project, but I haven't touched that in a few weeks. I do plan to get back to that in the immediate future, and also to start blogging more regularly before too long.

I still read and keep up on things, but thanks for asking!