Monday, February 08, 2010

Bibliography Project 2

Thanks to everyone for the feedback and additional suggestions--keep them coming!

If anyone wants to contribute a descriptive paragraph along with your suggestion, feel free. For now, the descriptions I'm writing are minimal; I want to move this along rather than spend a lot of time getting it "just right". Here's a sample:

Cry Bosnia

Paul Harris

Forward by Kemal Kurspahic

Introduction by David Rieff

Copyright 1996

ISBN: 1566562120

Interlink Books

Photojournalist Paul Harris made dozens of trips to Bosnia over the course of the war, and unlike many he did not confine himself to Sarajevo. He covered much of the country during that time, and this book collects some of his most striking images. The accompanying text is quite good; the book is in several chapters organized by theme, place, and time, and each chapter opens with a few pages of context-establishing text before moving on to the striking pictures and their informative captions.


Once I have a list of ISBNs to look up, I'll use WorldCat at my job to look up OCLC numbers. Of course, entries can be edited, added to, or completely revamped later.


Anonymous said...

Here are some ISBNs to start with

Kosova Express
1-85065-744-0 casebound (whatever that is)
1-85065-749-1 paperback

Under The UN Flag

A Witness to Genocide

Srebrenica Genocide said...

Kirk, take a look at the following interview, here is the link.

Srebrenica Genocide said...

Kirk, the trial of Zdravko Tolimir begins tommorow! And then, Radovan Karadzic's trial starts on March 1st.