Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Recent Story on "El Mujahid" Division

In light of the recent sentencing of Bosnian General Rasim Delic, this article from International Relations and Security Network is quite timely:

Al-Qaida's Bosnian War Move

Consider some of the details of his case, such as being mocked in court by some of the very mujahidin he was accused of being responsible for. And then read this recent article, by Marko Attila Hoare:

A Tale of Two Generals

The unfairness of this rankles, as does the fact that fugitive war criminal Ratko Mladic is the subject of biography entitled Ratko Mladic: Tragic Hero. It would be difflicult not to consider the possibility that Delic is a victim, not of a conspiracy, but a misguided and slightly dissonant effort to manufacture a semblance of "balance" where none exists.

At the same time, one cannot ignore that this is yet another example of how collusion with Islamic extremists compromised Bosnia's honor; the sad fact that 70 seemingly unarmed Wahabbi youth were able to violently disrupt a well-publicized gay festival despite plenty of advance warning suggests that thus-far secular Bosnia is not immune to the appeal of fundamentalism in a time of confusion and insecurity.


Anonymous said...

Rasim Delic will be acquitted on Apeal. It's time for the court to focus on throat-slashing Christian terrorists from Ukraine, Russia, Greece and other extemist countries.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous's post makes me wonder whether any mercenaries have been prosecuted fro war crimes in Bosnia?