Sunday, February 17, 2008

Kosovo: Worlds Newest Independent State

Today, February 17, 2008, Kosovo officially declared independence. Congratulations to the people of Kosovo, and I sincerely hope for peace and unity among all its citizens.

CNN: Kosovo Declares Independence from Serbia

BBC: Kosovo MPs Proclaim Independence


Anonymous said...

Serb church urges state of war over Kosovo. And they call us (Muslims) "terrorists"? Here is Christian terrorism on display, whether you want to accept it or not!

REUTERS: Serbian Bishop Artemije, QUOTE:

"Serbia should rally its armed forces, declare Kosovo occupied territory and buy weapons from Russia to reclaim it, the head of the Serb Orthodox Church in Kosovo was quoted on Sunday as saying.

'The statement by the chief of staff, General Zdravko Ponos, that Kosovo will not be defended by the army, is a disgrace,' Bishop Artemije told the daily Glas Javnosti.

'Serbia should buy state of the art weapons from Russia and other countries and call on Russia to send the volunteers and establish a military presence in Serbia,' he said."

Anonymous said...

Mr Kirk,
If you were librerian, you would have known Kosovo history a bit better! eather your educations has a huge gaps (as we all know the difference between Europian and american schools), or you was given your diploma as a gift! Shame on you!!!
You can not even point in the map where Kosovo is; let me remind you; In SERBIA!!!
There is a God, very soon, USA and the rest of western Europe will get what they deserve. Remember; you get what you give! And states gave only wars and misery all over the world. I feel sory only for innocent people, althought your weapon or politic never felt sory for innocent children and people when your soldiers were killing them!!
Shame on you, and I deeply pitty you!

Anonymous said...

I doubt you have a balls to "aprove" my comment!!!!

Anonymous said...

PS, Kosovo is not in Bosnia, (Americans on Bosnia)
and for your information, Bosnia is not in Spain or France:)))

Anonymous said...

The Albanians are a joke. UN resolution 1244 doesn't authorize independence. THey will never join the UN, EU, OSCE, OECD, any organization note.

Anonymous said...

congratulations???? peace??? r u retarded..!!!!! there's never going to be peace over there..especially now...USA and other countries who support this crime will get their punishment one day..cuz God sees everything!! and one day ur gonna get everything u deserve

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This article makes me sad...what has the world come to? Declaring another country's land sovereign?? How's as if some random country that one day becomes more powerful than the US gives one of their states independence without the approval of the US. It's really what it is in comparison. And all the other Western countries that support the move...sad, sad followers. (Do what the big guy does so you don't get in trouble.) The lessons being drawn from this situation: 1) international law doesn't have to be respected, 2) don't have your own, reasonned opinion - just do what the big bully does, and
3) every piece of land with a different ethnic group than the larger perimeter should be its own country. That's what it comes down to. I'm deeply saddened by this move from the Western countries - but hey, they're just confirming their long-time reputation as leaders who lead to simply serve their intersts...after all, who cares about justice??

Kirk Johnson said...

As you can all see, at least one anonymous crusader was angrily surfing the internet, looking to set the record straight!

I love that Moron #1thinks I don't know that Kosovo isn't in Bosnia. And I'm fascinated to find out that God is a Serbian nationalist.

Anonymous said...

i love how americans and people that have NEVER EVER been to SRBIJA or even to Europe, must put their nose in everything...

get a f-ing life


Anonymous said...

kirk you are just another idiot who belive in democracy and new born democratic kosovo, hahaha.
I realy do feel sorry for you when you can be so stupid not to see that america and europe do not care about kosovo people or any other people(iraqi people, afgani people,iranian people, somalian,serbian......) they just care about profit. but one they their profit will cost them.But then again nobody can be so stupid, you are just being payed well to write that rubish in what nobody with LITLE brain can not belive. And yes god can see everything!!

Anonymous said...

No, God is probably American
I declare independence of Texas :)
That day will come and I hope I will be alive to see USA on knees.
Serbia will NEVER accept Kosovo as Republic. We lost Kosovo in 1389. and reclaim it again. We will reclaim Kosovo again.

Anonymous said...

Mr Kirk Johnson,
God is God and there are justice and injustice in this world but that God who is ONE and the ONLY for all of us, and above money, nationalism, wars and different interests does things that He does for a reason... And He always acts after Devil makes his move because God would never attack first, his nature is Love.
Serbians were giving their lives for Kosovo through centuries because its the most importan strategical point of their existence, that is why they made of it their cultural and religios ikon, that's why they call it their Soul, because through Kosovo came The Osmanian Turks who by force and embargos made half of bosnian, and not only bosnian, Serbs become muslims, change their all belives, their culture, everything they are, and today they are enemies of other Serbs in that region. Those who never exepted islam were toutured and killed many times, the otherones who were silent were simply made slaves. Through Kosovo always comes slevery to Serbs, and hard life with no perspective, as we can see it today too, unfortunately. We have to keep our Kosovo otherwise we are going to disappear, and no nation in the world desires destiny of the indians in America, although we are already on that road, because we already live in reservats. No matter what you might say for Srebrenica or who knows what, think how many times during history Serbs went through genocide!? Our hard history gave us lessons that we have to give our last drop of blood fighting not to become slves again because we don`t have enough people to go through one more sistematic and carefully planed extinction (two latestones happend during Tito's Yugoslavia and the other one since beginig of civil war-still happening.).
I really unterstand Americas position, they want our land, and who wouldn`t want it, it's a beautifull piece of world and with some important potentials and wonderfully geografically situated, but HEY!!! WE ARE ALIVE, WE ARE NOT DEAD (yet!), WE ARE STILL THERE, WE STILL EXIST... AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT US, MR KIRK JOHNSON, WE ARE GOOD PEOPLE, REARLY INVADORS, ALWAYS DEFENDERS, (we were defending even those who were trying to destroy us like Croats in Jasenovac and other camps, but we were kind and we helped them come out of second world war with no fashistic mark on their face with whichone came nice fine that all fashictic countries had to pay after the war). HEY, IF YOU WANT OUR LAND YOU WILL HAVE TO KILL US ALL, MAKE US REFUGES, SEND US TO ALL DIFFERENT PARTS OF THE PLANET AND TO MAKE US DISSAPEAR. That is the only path. BECAUSE WE STILL EXIST, AND WE KNOW WHO WE ARE!
Sorry my babies are awake, have to go!
Try to liberate your mind... It will help you understand life better. On the other hand, might not help you earn as much money as you earn now! Oh, well!

Kirk Johnson said...

Dear anonymous:

We don't want your land. Get over yourselves.

The civilized world

PS If I'm supposed to be getting paid for writing this blog, who the hell has been cashing my checks?

PPS "We lost Kosovo in 1389". Awesome. Can every other nation in the world unilaterally draw its borders based on a maximum territorial extent 600 years ago? That should be oodles of fun for everybody to work out?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, Kirk has "balls" to approve your nasty comments, but he shouldn't. This is a serious academic blog, and your foul language is not something academic community needs.

Anonymous said...


Kosovo was NOT created as a result of genocide against the Serbs. BUT the Serb entity in Bosnia (Republika Srpska) was the result of genocide against Bosniaks.

Therefore, Kosovo Albanians have a right to separate from Serbia, BUT the Bosnian Serbs DO NOT have a right to separate from Bosnia. Do you understand what I am trying to say?

There is no double standard here. Well, maybe in your head, but not in reality.

Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to understand why Serbia has lost Kosova but more importantly why the rest of the world doesn't listen to any genuine grievances Serbs may have, here is the explanation.

When you're in a hole stop digging. But if you think you've been digging since 1389 maybe that's hard.

Anonymous, you clearly have no clue about Kirk if you think he wouldn't publish your comments. You don't understand. People don't want to stifle your voice, they've just stopped listening to all the shouting when the shouters never listen to anyone else.

And I thought it was a nice touch accusing Kirk of not having the balls to publish your comment when you didn't even have the balls to use a nickname.

Anonymous said...

Kirk, sadly the hierarchy of the Orthodox Church thinks God is a Serbian nationalist and the blessing the Scorpions received before they set off to kill Azmir Alispahic and his five companions suggests that they think he supports genocide.

That's the serious reason why people don't want to list to the obscenities mouthed by your Anonymous correspondents - they know there's enough real obscenity behind the words.

Listen to their words and then set them alongside the words of Aleksandar Hemon.

Anonymous said...

Kirk, with acknowledgments to "Beyind Sarajevo"


Four astronauts land on the moon. An American, a German and two Serbs.

The American jumps out and plants a flag on the surface exclaiming that US derring-do and money made their mission possible so the moon will belong to America.

The German pulled out the flag and stuck in a flag from his country proclaiming that it was German scientific knowledge and technological precision that made the landing possible, so the moon was Germany’s.

One of the Serbs reached into his pocket and pulled out not a flag but a gun and he shot the other Serb. Then he proclaimed: “Serbian blood has been spilled here, so the moon will be Serbian now forever.”

Anonymous said...

Quote: "When you're in a hole stop digging. But if you think you've been digging since 1389 maybe that's hard."

I couldn't have said it better myself...

Anonymous said...

Kosovo is all albanian and finally justice comes.
as for the "man of god" that talked that sh1t about war and smth bahhh, him..
this tells us how they use the religion on serbia.
Anonymous m8 its clear ur an idiot..
if u check the history u came 2 this lands and occupied them on the slaves invasion so stFU
Sry about my english

Anonymous said...

yup kosovo diserves it serbia needs to shut their ugly mouth they dont deserve anything KOSOVO is the BEST...SERBIA SUCKS GO GET UR OWN LIFE AND STOP TRYING TO ACT TUFF CAUSE UR NOT.........NOONE IS SCARED OF YOU GUYS SO SHUT UP...I LOVE U KOSOVO..IHATE U SERBIA..KOSOVO IS THE BEST