Friday, May 11, 2007

"Fools' Crusade" Postscript: Perpetual War [2]



This section is one page long. Just enough time for us to learn that, apparently, Italy violated its own constitution in order to join in the NATO war against Yugoslavia. How true this is, I cannot say. However, she is convinced that this is damning evidence that the war provided the United States the opportunity to establish hegemony over the EU through NATO.

The Italian PM at the time was a Communist, by the way--this is proof that the Western Left had been completely suckered in. This is a nice touch--Johnstone has actually had very little to say about interventionist left/liberals; this allows her to dismiss them out of hand. They were thoroughly duped, you see.

This is a short post. It was a short section. There isn't much more to say.

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