Monday, May 28, 2007

Celebrated Austrian Writer and Milosevic Supporter Peter Handke Held to Account

This is an interesting article from The American Scholar magazine about Peter Handke, the critically acclaimed Austrian writer Peter Handke, who supported Milosevic and his regime for years.

The Apologist by Michael McDonald

The article discusses his possible motivations within the context of his literary and cultural beliefs. The subtitle of the article summarizes the main plight--should the cultural world hold artists and writers responsible for supporting heinous causes and espousing loathsome ideas?


Anonymous said...

The American Scholar website is awesome! I love it and I am glad you shared the link with the rest of us.

"I don’t know the truth. But I look. I listen. I feel. I remember. This is why I am here today, close to Yugoslavia, close to Serbia, close to Slobodan Milosevic."

Yeah right. He claims he doesn't know the truth and yet continues to support Milosevic and deny Srebrenica genocide. I wrote about this lunatic on blog. Why hasn't he come close to Bosnia, close to Srebrenica, close to the victims of genocide? Nope, he chose to be close to the child murderer.

More about Milosevic and Handke:


"Handke had many supporters on the German cultural pages who recited the familiar arguments about censorship and artistic freedom previously aired in Paris."

Yes, I would not be suprised had those same supporters been hiding under the cover of "free speech" to defend ideologies of Hitler and minimize Holocaust.

"His mother was an ethnic Slovene; his father a soldier in the German army."

Yeah, exactly. He is a son of NAZI father! No wonder he is attracted to "hitlers!"

"He employed arguments similar to those being made on the far left that what was occurring in Yugoslavia was, in Handke’s words, 'a civil war, unleashed or at least co-produced by European bad faith' and that Europe and the United States had decided to carve up Yugoslavia to fill the coffers of their bankers and industrialists."

Yeah right, old story coming through the cancerous mouth of disgusting Srebrenica genocide denier. On May 28 2006, I dedicated one article to that garbage on my blog. Since that, I didn't want to waste time on that worthless human being and disgusting Srebrenica genocide denier and Milosevic supporter.

"But Handke was an apologist for Serbian aggression with a difference: he came armed with a set of intellectual and aesthetic presuppositions that could be readily applied to his political engagement with Serbia. Handke had been an outspoken critic throughout his life of automatized language systems that distorted perception and interaction. And now Western journalists were telling people what to think about Serbian nationalism and suggesting that Milosevic was a war criminal comparable to Adolf Hitler."

No wonder. He twists words as good as Noam Chomsky, who is leader of leftist-apologists and also Srebrenica genocide denier/minimizer/revisionist.

"When he was attacked for turning a blind eye to Serbian war crimes, all Handke would reply was that his view was neither 'Yugophile' nor 'pro- Serb,' but rather one of 'raising doubts' in order to dispel unjust assessments. Handke repeatedly stressed the complexity of the situation and the need to transcend simplistic, one-sided debate as he pleaded for people to 'learn the art of the question.'"

One-sided, pro-Serb, leftist-apologist, conservative socialist, and Srebrenica genocide denier. That's Peter Handke.

"Curiously, though, Handke’s awareness of the mechanisms by which the media bounds debate and channels perceptions failed him when it came to Serbian state television. The poet Charles Simic has rightly observed how the 'daily diet of lies' churned out by the government-controlled press and television in Serbia 'must bear heavy guilt for spreading nationalist madness and inciting hatred.' Handke evidently saw nothing amiss. He granted numerous interviews to Serbian state television, which in turn celebrated Handke as the greatest living European novelist.'"

"After Milosevic went on trial in The Hague, Handke visited him there."

I don't even want to read anylonger. This is sick. Peter Handke is a sick individual. If I ever meet him on the street, I will break his nose.

Anonymous said...

It's an interesting article. Handke is very difficult to fathom. But it's hard to find the goodwill to try and understand an artist who shows such a blinkered attitude to the suffering of his fellow beings. Seems to be a real case of the goalkeeper's fear of his rendezvous with reality.