Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sobering Editorial on The Hague Tribunal

I don't have time at the moment to write any sort of consideration of the issues and questions this Op-Ed from Sunday's Washington Post raises, but I thought I should get it posted while it is still current:

"Perfect Villains, Flawed Tribunal" by Dejan Anastasijevic

I confess that I don't know much about Anastasijevic, but he seems to be person of integrity and courage. If he is correct and the tribunal has indeed failed in Bosnia, then it is imperitive that the international community salvage some good from this process and learn hard lessons for the benefit of the future. Considering that the recent--and positive, I would like to think although now I have my doubts--indictment of Sudan's thuggish President was the impetus for this editorial, time is not a luxury we should indulge in.


Anonymous said...

Althoug Dejjan Anastasevic has legitimate reasons for being critical, his overall condemnation seems to come from a rather narrowly focused perspective. There are some crucial achievements - the Krstic conviction with its through analysis of the grounds of genocide, the basis for the ICJ verdict of Serbian guilt under the Genocide Convention, the preparations for the ICC - flawed, OK, but we shouldn't lose sight of what is in place now that wasn't before.

And have you heard the news from Belgrade? Karadzic has been before the investigating judge at the Serbian War Crimes Court. No-one's going to close the ICTY before K's trial has been concluded.

Now let's hope for news ablout Mladic.

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I know dejan personally, he is indeed a very decent person. When the trial of the skorpions, the paramilitary that appear in a video killing civilians in Srebrenica, was over, he went on a TV show and vehemently protested the ridiculous outcome of the trial. That night his house was attacked by someone who trew 2 granades at the window of his bedroom.

I understand his position, i myself feel very disappointed with international justice, but I have new reasons to hope with the arrest of Karadzic.

Now what is necessary is a speedy trial and not 4 or 5 years trialing him.

About the ICC, I believe that th major flaws of the ICTY can be avoided.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, no quarrel about Anastasijevic himself - he did a nice broadcast from Belgrade for Newsnight the day after the arrest. He's perfectly entitled to his criticisms, I just think he wasn't looking at a wide enough picture.