Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Karadzic Arrested

I assume that just about anyone reading this blog already knows the big news. There are many reports on the arrest, and as to be expected Shaina at Bosnia Vault has already collected a good number of them here; I encourage you to go to her site for some of the initial coverage.

Here is a story from today with slightly more information, as well as a recent photo--indeed, I would never have recognized the man myself.

As a postscript, we should note that it was the Serbian government which ultimately arrested him. Hopefully, this is a sign that Tadic is still committed to turning his back on the nationalist past. The Balkans will be a better place for all when Serbia joins the rest of Europe.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, check out recent photo of Radovan Karadzic at Srebrenica Genocide Blog. You won't recognize him. The photo is 100 times worse than anything I have ever seen in my life!