Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another Worthy Blog--Cafe Turco

One of the comments on the July 14 post at Srebrenica Genocide Blog was from a certain Sarah Franco, who had modestly requested "Please do not publish this comment, otherwise it may look like I am using this blog to promote my own." Fortunately, Daniel ignored her request and published her comment anyway, because her blog deserves to be promoted:

Cafe Turco.

Ms. Franco participated in the 13th anniversary memorial trip to Srebrenica, so her viewpoint and observations are particularly welcome. Considering the depressing news out of Republika Srpska recently, it is refreshing to discover another comrade in the fight for justice and truth.


Anonymous said...

thank you for the post on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Franco is a wonderful human being.

Anonymous said...

daniel, thank you for the vote of confidence. I just try to be decent enough, by contributing with my work to enhance an environment of tolerance and mutual understanding among people. t is my way to reply to a question that haunts many decent anonimous people worlwide: what can we do to change anything. My option is that by promoting awareness we may contribute to influence people who may actually change something.

Not having any previous connection to the region of Former Yugoslavia, I believe that my perspective as an outsider may be useful to fight prejudices, stereotypes and racism, and to denounce hate speech and propaganda disguised as scientific or academic statements, as nobody can patronize me for having any kind of emotional attachment to any specific nationality.