Sunday, June 20, 2010

Article from Foreign Policy Magazine on Kyrgyzstan Crisis

A short, and depressing, read on American and Russian official indifference to the ethnic war in Kyrgyzstan:

Why isn't anyone taking Kyrgyzstan's calls?


History Punk said...

People aren't talkinga about Kyrgyzstan because Kyrgyzstan is a far-away place, where few people have been, fewer can find on a marked map, which has a funny language and no apparent connection to the day-to-day existence of Americans. Now, if Borat was from there, things might be different.

At least that is why Americans do not care.

Anonymous said...

History Punk, essentially you're right, but still not entirely fair. It is understandably hard for individuals to make links to remote places about which they know little and where events inevitably are difficult to understand. That's why it's important that people like Kirk are prepared to tell us about them and make us more aware.

Anonymous said...

Some interesting and informative comments about the situation after the article you link to.