Monday, September 07, 2009

Road Win Improves Bosnia's Chance at World Cup Qualification

Bosnia's chances of playing in next year's World Cup in South Africa are even better than they were, as the national team solidified it's second-place standing in Group 5 with a 2-0 win on the road.

Armenia 0 - 2 Bosnia-Herzegovina

Bosnia is not out of the woods yet--they have three games left, including one each against Spain and Turkey. But those are both home games, and sandwiched in between is a road game at Estonia. Bosnia's chances of making the next round of qualification are very good right now. In fact, Bosnia is in striking distance of group leaders Spain, should they stumble.

Bosnia is at Turkey Wednesday, Sept. 9.


Srebrenica Genocide said...

Very good, but the match against Spain will be challenging.

Kirk Johnson said...

Yes, but it will be the last match, and it very well could be that by that point Spain will already have qualification nailed down so they can relax a bit. Admittedly, with only a two-point cushion they may not pull that far ahead in the two games beforehand, but it could happen.

But yes, I'm sure that's not the game they're hoping to get points from. Which is fine--if they can grind out a draw at home vs. Turkey and then win at Estonia, they may be in a position where the Spain match isn't important to them, either.