Friday, May 16, 2008

Oliver Kamm on Burma and the Dubious Defense of Sovereignty by Anti-Interventionists

A couple of days ago, Oliver Kamm posted a short piece on Burma, the junta, and the problem of sovereignty:

Kamm Fire Warning Shot Across Bow of Sovereignty-Clinging Autocrats Everywhere

My own personal ideological journey related to Bosnia and interventionism in general has led me to the conclusion that "sovereignty" is going to be one of the sticking issues of 21st Century; Kamm promises to write more on this issue and I look forward to those writings. I, too, am being drawn towards a more extended consideration of the issue.

I encourage you to read the articles Kamm links to in his post as well. Rigter and Aaronivich both have powerful moral arguments; as a side note, it is welcome--but not surprising--to note that Bernard Kouchner is one of the most forceful advocates on this isse at the UN.

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