Friday, July 14, 2006

Well, I've been meaning to get back to the Borogevic/Johnstone interview, but I've been rather busy lately; and then I got a copy of "Fool's Crusade," Johnstone's book that this interview references several times.

(I should note--I acquired a copy through inter-library loan--no chance in hell I'd spend money on it. Unfortunately, this means I can only keep it for three weeks).

So I'm taking a break from discussing the interview in order to have a first-hand look at the book itself. Which isn't easy--it's maddening reading, and I doubt I'll be able to stomach the entire thing. Life's too short to read everything I WANT to read, let alone slog through 200-plus pages of heavily-footnoted dissembling. In the interests of fairness, however, I will tackle as much of it as free time allows.

I've already read the introduction, which I'll cover in the next post. Stay tuned. I don't want to have to enter the twisted world of Bosnia revisionism alone.


Shaina said...

I can hardly stomach a website written by a genocide denier-let alone an entire website. You're a brave man. ;-)

I've enjoyed reading your dissection of Johnstone's interview with Serbianna. And I look forward to reading your dissection of her book.

I have a new blog: Hague Watch. Which will include news, articles and documents relating to the war crimes tribunal and several high profile cases.

Kirk Johnson said...

I will definitely check out your website soon. And so far, I've only read the introduction and skimmed sections of the rest of the book--don't praise my tenacity quite yet!