Friday, July 21, 2006

Some Quality Blogs

The best perk of working on this blog is that I've been introduced to other blogs being put out by people with passion, knowledge, and concern for the issues raised by Bosnia and other contemporary acts of genocide. When I first started writing this blog, I wondered if I would come across as a crank, angrily denouncing crimes from over a decade ago. Instead, I have discovered that there are others out there who understand that there is much unfinished business from the Yugoslav wars, and that there are many lessons still to be learned and analysis to be articulated.

I also realized that I am not only not alone, I am far from being the most articulate or informed blogger on the subject out there. While acquiring humility is never a bad thing, rarely has being humbled been such a welcome and encouraging development.

I have links to all these sites to the side, but let me give each of these sites a brief introduction:

Genocide in Bosnia

This blog by a native of Srebrenica is dedicated to the memory of those lives lost in the infamous massacre, including his own grandfather. Entries are infrequent, unfortunately, but well worth reading.

Finding Karadzic

This site is focused on the quest to bring the former leader of the Bosnian Serb government to justice. It is a quality blog with a laser-like focus on the matter at hand. Here's to hoping that someday soon this blog will be passe.

Yakima Gulag Literary Gazette

This blog isn't really about Bosnia, or genocide--frankly, it's just about whatever Yakima has on her mind at any given moment! But she has a good understanding of the issues I deal with, and has been kind enough to make several thoughtful comments in my blog from time to time. Her blog is busy, busy, busy--there seems to always be something new posted there. Check her out.

Srebrenica Genocide Blog

An excellent blog; the title is fairly self-explanatory. A very well-done blog with lots of good writing, links, and information.

Bosnia Vault

Bosnia Vault is new, and it already is impressing me. Even though I try to keep myself informed, I've already discovered a couple of stories I didn't know about through this blog.

Art Against Genocide

boo friedman is an artist (married to a film actor/producer--I need to talk to this guy when I finish my screenplay!) of diverse talents, and she has a great commitment to fighting the scourge of genocide. This is another new blog I've already learned much from.

I can't express how much I enjoy and appreciate all of the above bloggers and their works. I will keep the links to all of them on the side, and encourage anyone who stumbles across my humble little site to check out one of these others and see how its REALLY done.

It's good to know that there are intelligent, well-read, and compassionate people out there who know what is important, right, and just.


Owen said...

As I mentioned in my comment to your last post, another informative blog is Mihalis, which gives a critique of the apologists and deniers from a Marxist rather than a liberal democratic point of view.

Kirk Johnson said...

Sorry I haven't looked at that yet--let me check it out.

I really appreciate all the feedback I get from you, Owen.

Owen said...

Sorry Kirk, I forgot the link:

Anonymous said...

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