Thursday, January 31, 2008

Christopher Hitchens interview with Peter Robinson

This excerpt from an August 23, 2007 interview with Christopher Hitchens on the subject of withdrawal from Iraq is quite revealing of the left-wing "realist" school of thought. Note how Robinson refers more than once to "letting them sort it out," by force of arms. Notice how he freely acknowledges that this would lead to violence, death, and destruction. Most notably, at the end of this interview, by way of defending the point of view that it would be better to leave the people of Iraq at the mercy of sectarian forces, he brings up the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s--of which, it must be said, he seems to have very superficial knowledge.

A telling comment; and an example of why the battle over the meaning of the Yugoslav wars and the truth of the genocide in Bosnia still needs to be fought and is still worth fighting.

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Agilis said...

This is also due to DynCorp and other PSC's involved. Today it is looking like the West is loosing its grip completely: ArcelorMittal aims for full steel output in Bosnia 2008 and Bosnia welcomes Iranian investors in Gorazde. We can see this as a "Dayton Pay-off". I remember a Interview I have had with the then Vice President of Bosnia back in 1992; Ejub Ganic, a former professor for surgery at the MIT; he said: stop looking at Sarajevo, look at Srebrenica and Hoca, - if you don't drink proper water you get sick, if you then don't get proper medicine you die... He went on to say: "We know NATO is in a desperate situation and is looking for a new role.For what do you have tanks and helicopters if you don't use them? Are you waiting that such countries like Iran are helping us?" With our half hearted support, unfulfilled promises we now see the "Arcelor's" raising the cream.

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