Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Story a few days ago on Bosnian Army soldier found guilty of war crimes against ethnic Serb civilians in and around Sarajevo:


It's significant, and positive, that he was tried by a Bosnian court in the country. This is a small, but concrete, step towards accountability by the government.


Owen said...

For justice's sake all war criminals need eventually to be held to account, and for the Bosnian courts and justice system to command respect it needs to be seen to be administering the law impartially. Even if it won't make any difference to the apologists and the deniers.

Shaina said...

Here is a link to information about the court of BiH, which if I am correct, is responsible for the local war crimes tribunal.

I agree that it is certainly a positive step and that all war criminals need to be held to account. I also agree that it won't make any difference to the deniers etc, who will either ignore the conviction OR who will use the conviction as "proof" that all sides were equally guilty of atrocities etc.

Shaina said...

LOL-didn't include the link

Court of BiH