Saturday, July 01, 2006

OK, let's look at the rest of the first paragraph of the Borojevic-Johnstone interview. (See URL in previous entry).

Second sentence:

Although the judges at the ICJ must first decide whether they have the jurisdiction to rule in the case, the mainstream media and the western propaganda machine do not want to leave anything to chance.

As I mentioned previously, the question of whether or not the ICJ has the jurisdiction to handle this lawsuit certainly has merit. One country suing another on charges of genocide is a new precedent, and there could be a legitimate discussion about this issue. It will come as no surprise to anyone who is familiar with Johnstone's work or that an intellectually honest considering of the issues is the last thing being presented.

The second half of this sentence announces in no uncertain terms that we are headed straight to the world of paranoid conspiracies and the cult of victimization; a pitch aimed squarely at the retrograde Left, made up of people who never met a 'victim' of American/NATO/Western aggression they didn't love. I'm curious as to who is behind this 'western propaganda machine.' Sounds like a formidable apparatus.

And now the third, and final, sentence of this opening paragraph:

Almost everything about the Bosnian Muslims accusation against the Serbs is false.

And there you have it. Having already made the semantic/ideological shift from governments to 'ethnic' groups (it is 'the Muslims' suing 'the Serbs'), all that is left is to flat-out deny that the lawsuit has any merit whatsoever. Does Borojevic go into detail at this point, listing the specific allegations and refuting them systematically with facts and persuasion? Please. This one sentence should suffice, if one is a true believer.

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