Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"The Fall of Yugoslavia" by Misha Glenny [27]

Epilogue 1996 [continued]

Pages 274-282 contrast the ultimate success Tudjman had in achieving all his strategic goals for Croatia versus Milosevic's ultimate failure in spite of some impressive short-term tactical accomplishments. Ulimately, Milosevic lost Yugoslavia, then Greater Serbia, then the Krajina in Croatia, and then finally through the Bosnian Serbs under the bus as well.

Glenny then goes on to state that the United States and Germany gradually came to an agreement to throw support behind Croatia. This led to a breakthrough in diplomatic and military action by the international community which had been paralyzed up to this point.

I've no real arguments with his account here; being that this section was written quickly and added to the 1996 edition, there is less analysis and interpretation--which, coming from Glenny, is frankly a relief.

In the next post, I will review the final 10 pages of the book.

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