Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pessimism about Bosnia's politcal order

From Radio Free Europe comes this interview with Morton Abramowitz on the inherently unstable nature of the Dayton Constitution, and what this means for the future of Bosnia:

Interview: Morton Abramowitz On The 'End Of Bosnia'

Unfortunately, it appears that The National Interest doesn't have the original article archived on the website. If I find a link to it, I will certainly update this post.


Anonymous said...

Interesting article. But no-one seems prepared to do anything much resolve the situation. In the end everybody's sitting on their hands until the time comes to throw them in the air. Edifying - not.

Srebrenica Genocide said...

Doesn't look good. There is unfinished business in Bosnia. Serbs want to separate, Bosniaks will not allow that, because Serbs have stolen too much land from us. I am also pesimistic about Bosnian future (as a functioning state).

Anonymous said...

There is only one thing to do: the day the Bosnian serbs declare their "independence" the Bosnaks must march in from all directions and put and end to this monstrous genocidal "RS" chimaera once and for all. If teh Libyans could oust that monster Kaddafi, why can't the Bosnaks? ANd despite all vices saying that "Muslims will never be allowed to attack Christians, no matter how in the right they are" I have the impression (hopefully not the wrong one) that next time around the British and the French would be a bit better disposed towards the Bosniaks (and not pursue like Major and Mitterrand, a "hostile neutrality"; but I'm not sure.) Were I in the Bosniak leadership I would do all and everything to make sure the Bosniaks are strong enough to inflict a total rout on the Bosnian serbs when the time to act comes. And while I don't believe in paying them back in the same coin I am convinced that there are enough amomng them who are so evil that they don't deserve anything less than being shot (so they won't ever be a danger to their neighbors again); but the majority of Bosnian Serbs would best be left alone; in maybe five, ten years' time they will realize that they are better off in a society that sees all its citizens as equal than in their apartheid statelet and kleptocracy. Nevertheless I must say that I don't have any sympathy whatsoever for the Bosnian Serbs and I will gladly admit that I wish death, and a slow and painful one at that upon all of their leaders, political, religious, military, intellectual, especialy those who held power in 1992-95. Unfortunately it does not seem to me the Bosniak leadership is up to task, or interested. Like Dodik they are content to be big fish in a small pond, even if that means the fish gets so big it can hardly move in its pond, and all the smaller fish are choked off. It was the same with the Muslim kingdoms in medieval Spain, and everybody knows what became of them. Doesn't the history of Al Andalus, not to mention their own, hold any lessons for these people? In the end Bosnia will be erased from the map, the Ottomen cultural heritage will, like that of Greece and Bulgaria , be destroyed and consigned to oblivion, and those Bosniaks who don't wish to emigrate to Turkey or Saudi Arabia but choose to go to Europe, the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, will upon their arrival, only find rabid chetnik anti-Muslim fiends who will dispute the Bosniaks' right to exist even there in exile. Just look at the RFE/RL website and see how many anti-Bosniak hate speech and venom comments by Serb emigrés in Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand you'll find. If they could, they would kill every single Bosniak they can find. Thesew people to me represenzt the greatest evil and all that is negative, reprehensible and unworthy about ankind. The world would be better off without such people. They should suffer in their own flesh, and that of their families and descendants teh fate they wish for Boswniaks. But since the world is an evil place and evil triumphs more often than not there is nothing I can do. What a pity, withthe great potential and cultural richness the country still does have. The world will be a darker and more hopeless place if the Serbs are allowed to trample teh Bosniaks. As they themselves say: "jebes zemlju ko Bosna nema". In this sense I call on all Bosniaks whewrever they are: don't let your homeland be wasted like that, don't let it suffer the fate of Al Andalus!
Abdul Majid