Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Update on the Angelina Jolie Film

Well, I feel like an ass for falling for what seems to have been a propaganda campaign to discredit a well-intentioned effort to bring international attention back to Bosnia and the aftereffects of the war. In short--the rumors were false; the movie is not about a Bosnian woman falling in love with her Serb rapist (and even if it were, it should not have been censored), and once again the cynacism of apologists for the Greater Serb nationalist project knows no bounds.

Rather than rehashing the story, I will simply redirect readers to this excellent analysis from the always-excellent "Greater Surbiton" blog.


Anonymous said...

Kirk, even before the "rapist love" notion came up it was believed that the basis of the film was a "love across enemy lines" story with the Bosniak heroine falling in love with a Serb soldier (not a civilian "Romeo and Juliet" story like that of Admira Ismić and Boško Brkić). I know at least one Bosnian who had written to Jolie on behalf of victims' organisations pointing to the extreme unlikeliness of this scenario in the circumstances prevailing in 1992-1995 and asking her if that was the case, in the light of the offence that would be caused, to reconsider. Jolie's staff did not reply.

Anonymous said...

And the letter was in English.

Anonymous said...

It may be propaganda..waiting for her film to know the true story.
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