Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bosnia Vs. Portugal, Leg 2

A spot in the World Cup is on the line as Portugal brings it's 1-0 first-leg lead to Zenica for the final game of the home-and-home aggregate tie:

Bosnia-Herzegovina v Portugal

Sorry I did not post the results of the first leg; I was out of town Saturday (at a soccer tournament, appropriately enough) without internet access.

Portugal will be without Cristiano Ronaldo, and possibly without Deco and Bruno Alves; Bosnia without Emir Spahic, Elver Rahimic and Samir Muratovic. This could be a test of which team has more quality on the bench. Or it could be a test of how well Portugal deals with what is by all accounts a sub-standard pitch.

This is a tough match for me, as my son adores Portugal and would scoff at me for cheering against them; that said--best of luck to Bosnia. No country could use an appearance at the World Cup more.


Srebrenica Genocide said...

Kirk, I don't know have you received it, but I am going to forward you one attachment to your email. Please check it when you have time.

sarah correia said...

Sorry for this one ;-)

Anyway, I would like to see Bosnia on the World Cup, rather than my own country, because Bosnia really needs something extraordinary to be happy about.

Anonymous said...


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