Monday, September 29, 2008

Pangea and IFC Present: Women Entrepreneurs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Thursday Oct. 2 in Washinton, DC

This was forwarded to me by a friend; I confess I don't know much about the event except that it is this Thursday at the Pangea Artisan Market & Cafe, at 2121 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington DC 20433.

I have not yet been to the Washington, DC Pangea store, which opened in May at a ceremony attended by Paul Wolfowitz, among others; the store itself is located in the IFC Building. This is somewhat last-minute notice, so if you are reader of this blog and are anywhere near the Washington, DC area, please tell anyone you know who might be interested in Bosnia, female entrepreneurship outside the Western world, or traditional handcrafts, to consider checking this event out.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for focusing on women. They have been neglected for a long time.

Have you noticed that women of Srebrenica are almost completely ignored in the media?
Just because they are women, it doesn't mean they haven't suffered. In fact, they
suffered more than those who were killed, because it is worse to have constant trauma
than to die instantly.

Genocide happened, but where do the women fit in this tragedy? While ethnic cleansing alone does not equal genocide, it is a fact that deportations of
thousands of women occured during genocide. These deportations were INTEGRAL ELEMENT of what
defines genocide, because there would be no more children (men killed, women deported).

So when reputable media talks about Srebrenica genocide, they mention 8,000 dead, period. But that's not enough. What about women? Why not mention that 20,000 women were forcefully deported? Why not?

The ICTY found that, "The decision not to kill the women or children may be explained by the Bosnian Serbs’ sensitivity to public opinion. In contrast to the killing of the captured military men, such an action could not easily be kept secret, or disguised as a military operation, and so carried an increased risk of attracting international censure."

Anonymous said...


Can you please cover "Marco Van Hees" genocide denial activities? More info at SGB. The more coverage, the better. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Supported by Paul Wolfowitz? Is this a good sign?

Kirk Johnson said...

Owen, I do think it's a good sign--Wolfowitz is a little different than many of his neocon comrades; Christopher Hitchens once half-jokingly referred to him as being the "bleeding heart" wing of the neocon movement. His interest in helping poorer nations succeed economically seems to be sincere; and at any rate, it can't hurt to have a big name associated with your organization.

Anonymous said...

Will Pangea and IFC present another women entrepreneurs of Bosnia and Herzegovina another time??