Saturday, January 19, 2008

Srebrenica Memorial Quilt--Update

The Srebrenica Memorial Quilt has grown since I first posted about it in October, and will soon be moving from St. Louis to Boston:

AdvocacyNet Update on Srebrenica Memorial Quilt

The exact dates have not been announced yet; I will pass those along once I know.

I you have not done so already, please check out Bosnian Family's website:


If you are considering making a donation to the Srebrenica Memorial Quilt, please remember that not only does the money go to a worthy cause, the quilt is also a work of advocacy. The ultimate destination will be Washington, DC--the larger the quilt is by that point, the more of an impression it will make on legislators.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Kirk. Srebrenica Memorial Quilt is a huge success, thank you people like you who raise awareness about this important commemoration of over 8,000 victims who perished under the UN flag.