Sunday, August 12, 2007

"To Kill A Nation" by Michael Parenti [22]



After spending all of two pages detailing what passes for historical context in Parenti's world, he then devotes a full ten pages to an unremitting onslaught against the KLA. I am no fan of the KLA and I won't waste time defending the all-too-often criminally thuggish nature of that organization. Parenti's entire "analysis" is pathetic and transparently one-sided at any rate--he damns the KLA for threatening the life of Rugova without ever mentioning the reason Rugova was an important--and non-violent--figure in recent Kosovo history. The years of apartheid under which ethnic Albanians in Kosovo lived go unmentioned.

And, predictably, he tails off with the revisionist version of the Racak massacre. The conspiracies that Parenti alludes to--that the KLA planted dead bodies (of fighters, not civilians) in order to fake a massacre has been discredited thoroughly. Once again, Parenti's claims are so far-out--based on biased disinformation and obsessed with conspiracy-mongering--that there is truly no point in even disproving them. His book has drifted so far from any balanced view of reality that it is next to impossible to refute any single point--ever assertion he makes exists in a context of faulty assumptions and interwoven disinformation, all viewed through a cramped and narrow viewpoint. I suspect the rest of my review of this book will be equally brief--it is tiresome and pointless to engage Parenti's arguments. He simply isn't worth the effort.

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