Thursday, May 11, 2006

A recent conversation with an acquaintence ended on a disconcerting note. The subject of Bosnia came up (not entirely out of context, although anyone who has had to withstand one of my periodic tirades might question that!) just as I was leaving. I sensed that this friend was a non-interventionist at the time (we didn't know each other then, nor have we ever discussed the issue before), and based on the few comments he made I am quite sure I am correct.

What was disturbing about the conversation was that he paraphrased Canadian general Lewis MacKenzie (he didn't remember his name), the former 'peacekeeper' turned Serbian nationalist spokesman. MacKenzie discounted any Western attempts at intervention, essentially arguing that the blame in the war was shared equally, and that all three parties were determined to fight regardless of the consequences.

That MacKenzie's dishonest 'neutrality' hasn't been more fully exposed is a shame. In case anybody wonders why I was compelled to start this blog years after the war ended, here's your reason--a reasonably well-read American was completey unaware of the biased nature of MacKenzie's 'neutrality.'

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