Tuesday, April 04, 2006

An interesting article from the BBC:

BBC Story "How Islam got political: Bosnia"

Although couched in the typically European 'all sides were to blame,' 'those crazy Muslims will believe anything' this article does underline the moral hypocrisy and spinelessness of the European 'response' to the genocide in Bosnia. That the British alienated their own Muslim populations is unfortunate, but not surprising.

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Katja R. said...

yes a typical 'Eurocentric' post.
I want to say 'Why do Earthlings persist in stating the obvious?'
Any situation where a people is attacked will radicalize that people, and not just a little.
Still the war is not the only factor.
One thing to realize is that when people don't have work, they need SOMETHING to help organize their lives. Religion is very good for that, especially the Muslim religion is good for organizing one's life when there is no employment.
Praying five times a day, all that studying, it adds up, and if a person doesn't have a job, it's soemthing to do as well as something to believe.
I think the best cure for politicized forms of any religion is productive work, ANY kind of productive work which allows people to support their families decently.
Unfortunately that isn't happening fast enough.
I believe if there had been no Bosnian war, there might never have been some of the extremist movements in Islam that we see now.