Thursday, March 23, 2006

Because there's no point in reinventing the wheel--and because I cannot hope to improve on the excellent work already done here--I am not going to elaborate much on these links. I will only say that my contempt for Srebrenica revisionists and other fascist appeasers knows no bounds.

Balkan Witness has put together this handy one-stop list of Left-wing Serb nationalist apologists:

I highly recommend the essay "The Left Revisionists" by Marko Attila Hoard.

I would also recommend this link:

Both Herman and Johnstone make for some nauseating reading. But it is necessary to read them if one wants to appreciate just how far some on the far left are willing to go in this pathetic enterprise. They twist logic, morality, the facts, and common sense in order to hold on to the twisted notion that there is something noble and anti-imperialist in denying the obvious--that a corrupt regime wedded the military and economic resources of a one-party state to the ideology of ultra-nationalism--informed by a warped and dishonest reading of history--in order to secure land and power for itself. These people cannot see the forest for the trees--indeed, they sneer in contempt at those of us who have been duped into believing in forests at all.

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