Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Balkan Revisionism meets Apocalyptic Christian Fundamentalism

One of these days, when I'm finished with graduate school and have more time to once again devote to this blog and Bosnia-related issues, one of the deeper questions/issues I'd like to dig into is to try and determine whether or not there is any cohesive ideological or psychological motivation behind the various, seemingly-incompatible strands of Balkan Revisionism and Bosnian Genocide Denial.

For now, though, I'll just pass along this piece of drivel I discovered, in which the theoretical basis for the Michael Parenti/Diana Johnstone post-Stalinist school of thought is embraced by Christian fundamentalist/prophetic end-of-times believers:

What Really Happened in Bosnia [Note: This is the title of the article, not my own take on the content--far from it].

It's the same nonsense we've all heard before, only this time is service to Rapture-believing right-wing Christian fundamentalists. The Z-magazine crowd must be so proud.

Sorry if you feel I'm wasting your time with this drivel, but I need to periodically touch base just to keep this blog on life support until I once again have the time to do more substantive work. Hope my regular readers are all fine.


Srebrenica Genocide said...

It's getting even worse. The denial of the Bosnian Genocide is going mainstream in islamophobic regions, take a look:

Srebrenica Genocide said...

Kirk, just in:


In evaluating the sentence of 27 years of imprisonment for General Perišić, the Trial Judgment emphasized that “the Army of Republika Srpska’s crimes lasted over a long period of time and that the victims were numerous and particularly vulnerable and that General Perišić kept providing assistance to the VRS [Bosnian Serb Army] for months after being informed of the massacre in Srebrenica”... "

Helge Brunborg, a demographer and expert witness, testified about the total number of missing persons involved with the fall of the enclave of Srebrenica. According to Brunborg, as of 21 November 2005, approximately 7,661 people were identified as missing based on reports from family members. Brunborg noted, however, that some were never reported by their relatives as missing, in some cases because the whole family was killed. It follows that the total number of missing people is probably higher."

Perisic was found guilty of aiding and abetting murders, inhumane acts, persecutions on political, racial or religious grounds, and attacks on civilians in Sarajevo and Srebrenica and failing to punish his subordinates for their crimes of murder, attacks on civilians and injuring and wounding civilians during the rocket attacks on Zagreb on 2 and 3 May 1995...

shaina said...

Honestly, considering that DNA evidence, physical evidence and even confessions have not moved the Ed Hermans of the world, I doubt this would either.
In fact, counter intuitively, they might even embrace the fact that their "ideological enemies" have the same position they do. Much the same way Herman, Johnstone, etc. have latched on to the dubious statements of Gen. McKenzie (for example) often over emphasizing his position as UN peacekeeper. (See, even Louis MacKenzie, a UN peacekeeper agrees with us!)

Katja R. said...

A strong argument can be made that genocide denial is very much a part of this sort of 'Rapture' oriented Christian extremist belief system. Christian extremists only like their own sort of Christian. From their point of better if there are no Muslims or Jews. Also all the better if the genocides against non-Christian monotheists can be denied. Extremists do not like competition.