Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Bosnia and Beyond" by Jeanne Haskin [5]

Part 2

...will have to wait.

My interlibrary loan copy is due to be returned to the lending library system tomorrow; the issues covered in Part 2 (lessons about humanitarian intervention, international responses to genocide, and other "lessons of Yugoslavia") deserve more than a perfunctory review; and since I haven't found much substance in Part 1, I really cannot justify putting aside further time for this book when my graduate studies are piling up.

I may revisit this book sometime later this year; in the meantime, I hope to begin tackling another, more substantive book, within the next week or two.

Sorry to bail out mid-stream.

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Katja R. said...

Sometimes it is impossible NOT to bail out mid-stream.
Then there are those books one has to simply throw at the wall, (assuming you are the owner and it is a paper-back!)

Then there was my copy of 'The Gulag Archipelago" (sic) Which was used for target practice by someone or other.