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National Congress of the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina Newsletter on Ibran Mustafic Stand

National Congress of the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina (NCR B&H) ONLINE NEWSLETTER – International No. 672 Jun 17, 2010


On June 10, 2010, Mr. Ibran Mustafic received a decree "to remove in 48 hours five flags of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina from the poles located nearby to the Memorial Center in Potocari". The decree was signed by Mr. Munib Avdagic, a Communal Policeman and a Muslim collaborator with the genocidal Republika Srpska. Ibran Mustafic responded to this decree by attaching four banners in between the flag poles on which are displayed quotations from the legally binding judgment of the International Court of Justice in the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina v. Serbia and Montenegro and a quotation from Professor Francis A. Boyle that "the final judgment of the International Court of Justice supersedes all constitutional arrangements that are offered today to the victims of genocide including Annex 4 to the Dayton Agreement". One of the banners carries a demand by the victims of genocide for the implementation of the legally binding judgment of the international Court of Justice. Today, on June 17th, 2010, Mr. Ibran Mustafic received a written order from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republika Srpska to report tomorrow, Jun 19th 2010 at 8:00 a.m. to the Police Station of genocidal Republika Srpska in Srebrenica regarding the flags of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the four banners placed in between the flag poles. Mr. Mustafic does not recognize the institutions of genocidal Republika Srpska. He will not report tomorrow at the Police Station in Srebrenica. He is ready to resist an arrest attempt by the police of genocidal Republika Srspka. The Muslim collaborators with genocidal institutions in Srebrenica are comfortable with the Serbian Orthodox church that was built illegally during the aggression and genocide on the property of Ms. Fatima Orlovic in Konjevic Polje nearby Srebrenica, but they are disturbed by the flags of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina placed by Bosniaks, victims of genocide, on their own property.


The following is a statement of Prof. A Francis: Why should he [Ibran Mustafic] report to the genocidal monsters who exterminated 8,000 of his comrades from Srebrenica? Why should a "Jew" report to the SS? I remember during our March [on July 11, 2005] for the tenth anniversary on the way to the Memorial Center at Potocari surrounded on both sides by RS Police, the President of the Mothers turned to me and said about them: "These are the men who committed the genocide." Historically it would be as if the Jews decided to have a march to Dachau and the security was provided by the SS.It just shows how afraid they are of Ibran, the Mothers, The RBIH Flag, the Golden Lilies etc. Consciousness of Guilt--as we lawyers say. NOTE: Prof. Francis A. Boyle is an attorney representing the Association of Mothers of Srebrenica and Podrinje. This statement is in response to the written order from Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republika Srspksa to Mr. Ibran Mustafic, President of the Association, to report on June 19th 2010 at 8:00 a.m. at the Police Station in Srebrenica in regard to the display of the flags of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina on private property.


The above-released news is self-explanatory. We wish to comment instead on the reaction of the Bosnian media to these events, which in itself is revealing of the current political situation in Bosnia. Testifying to the importance of these events is the fact that the TV network of the illegally occupied and ethnically cleansed territory known as the "Republika Srpska" featured this news in their main nightly news broadcast, showing the banners with the notes of the protest at the flag site. In contrast, all Bosniak media and Muslim Bosniak politicians completely ignored these heroic acts of defiance. Bosniak Muslim politicians and their media regularly comment on humiliation and defeats of Bosniaks at the hands of the genocidal Republika Srspka, with the underlying objective to demoralize and squash Bosniaks’ desire to resist continued ethnic cleansing on the occupied territory. The same Muslim Bosniak politicians and media are very active in stirring up interest in the "monument of shame to the United Nations" which is being built from the pile of old shoes?! The purpose of that monument is to remove the spotlight from the true perpetrators of genocide: Serbia and Republika Srspka. The Muslim Bosniak media are repeatidly and intentionally marginailzing the judgment by the International Court of Justice, that Serbia and Republika Srspka are the true perpetrators of genocide. NCR B&H


The following poem is written by Nermin Bajramovic, a survivor of genocide in Srebrenica. NOTE: The Golden Lily is a symbol of the Bosnian Kingdom, Bosnia and Bosniak people.The flag of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a flag with "Golden Lilies" EARNING MY RIGHT by Nermin Bajramovic, Srebrenica I come from a valley Of the blue sunrise, Kingdom of the Golden Lilies And the warriors with a dragon heart The promise land is the country of mine. I might not be a prestigious child of life Or my work words of the profound, But as you read this verse I am earning my right, To walk the footsteps Of the noble ones. Mortal I may be I am Bosnian 'til I Die Do you know who you are?


"Golden Lilies", flags of the Republic Bosnia - Herzegovina and banners in between the flag poles:

Decree to Ibran Mustafic to remove flags of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina from the private property of his family:

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