Saturday, December 13, 2008

UN Mission in Kosova Muzzles Woman's Right Advocate

As if we didn't need another reason to condemn the United Nation's ill-advised attempt to appease Serb extremist sentiment by violating Kosova's sovereignty, the UN is now taking it upon itself to dictate the limits of participation in civil society.

Please read the link at Advocacy Project.

Once again, the UN manages to screw things up in the former Yugoslavia. These people seem positively addicted to partition and capitulation.

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Anonymous said...

Ighalle Rugova is indeed 'too political', she just won't let go:-)

She's tough and it's good that she is that way, because the only way that kosovar women have of getting their voice heard is to make a lot of noise.
The UN has repeatedly tried to patronize them, but they don't allow it. It's interesting to note that in Kosovo the number of NGO's that support women is very high, and they are very dynamic and mainly serious a committed.