Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Magazine Gives Shout-Out to Bosnian Tourism

The Sept. 2008 issue of Conde Nast Traveller has a special report entitled "War and Peace", in which seven recently war-ravaged countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, are favorably profiled as desirable tourist destinations.

The issue is not yet available at the above website, but it is good to see the country getting some positive press coverage.


acadia said...


I couldn't find Bosnia on the page provided by that tourist Magazine. When I click "Choose Country," Bosnia is not listed.

Kirk Johnson said...

This recent issue isn't available online yet--the website only carries through August 2008 at this moment. You can find the article in the print version of the magazine, or wait a few more weeks when no doubt it will be added to the online archives.

Anonymous said...

The potential for tourism in Bosnia is enormous. As I was travelling by bus and seeing the beautiful mountains I was imagining how great it would be to spend some days in the countryside riding horses, for instance.

However, the image of a country thorn by war is a serious obstacle. This is the mental image that most people have of Bosnia.