Thursday, March 27, 2008

Former Russian Foreign Minister: Serbs Should Push for Kosovo Partition

As if the situation isn't volatile enough, Yevgeni Primakov decided to speak out in favor of continued ethnic separation, suspicion, and hostility.

Primakov advises Serbs: Migrate and merge

The logic of this proposal exposes the hypocrisy of the "Kosovo is Serbia" line; ethnic Serbs in southern Kosovo are encouraged to leave their homes, and then settle in the solidly Serb north, which will then break away. The fact that these people would have to leave their communities and homes behind means nothing; they are nothing but pawns in an ethnic struggle. The implied threat that "NATO cannot stay forever" tells us what sort of future Primakov has in mind for these luckless Serbs--continued isolation and violence.

He follows this with an absolute red herring; saying that:

" Primakov said that it was not in the U.S.’s interests to support Albanian separatists in other regions until the Kosovo independence question had been resolved."

...which is an answer to a question no one asked--the US does not now, and never has, supported separatist Albanians in Macedonia or Montenegro.

And, of course, such a rant wouldn't be complete without at least one example of anti-Muslim bigotry, this time in the form of a vague premonition:

" Primakov added that it should be taken into consideration that an independent Kosovo represented the beginning of the creation of a strong Muslim country in the middle of Europe."

How "strong" Kosova will be in the near future is debatable; perhaps Primakov could elaborate on the dangers of "allowing" a Muslim state in Europe, especially considering that its Muslim inhabitants have been European all along.


Savo Heleta said...

The West and Russia are not driven by humanitarianism in Kosovo. Kosovo is important to both sides only as a post-cold war battleground where they fight over influence and resources.

Ordinary people and their suffering are less important than global political games between the world powers.

Author of "Not My Turn to Die:
Memoirs of a Broken Childhood in Bosnia"

Srebrenica Genocide said...

Why can't Serbs simply live in a multi-national society without partitions and "Greater Serbia" nationalism?

Bosniaks are minority in Croatia and in Serbia - we don't ask for partition of Croatia or Serbia. But Serbs want Greater Serbia, that's why they can't integrate into civilized society of multi-culturalism.

Srebrenica Genocide said...

Just in: The United Nations war crimes tribunal has acquitted former Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj...