Saturday, October 20, 2007

Srebrenica Memorial Quilt--how to support

In previous post on the quilt below, I included links both to the AdvocacyNet page on the project and the BOSFAM main page. In the interests of convenience, here's a direct link to the page at AdvocacyNet with directions on how to contribute:

Support the Srebrenica Memorial Quilt

Forty dollars is a very reasonable amount. Owen and Daniel are buying a panel, I need to find my wallet and do the same!


Shaina said...

Thanks for the link. It certainly is a very worthy project.

Anonymous said...

Kirk Johnson, thank you! You are the best! This is one of the best academic blogs around! Thanks!

Marina said...

My name is Marina from the Advocacy Project. We would like to thank you for your efforts to bring attention to our Memorial Quilt activities and inform you that phase two of the project is to being soon with an exhibition in Boston. We'll be putting out a Press Release soon.
Thanks again for this post!