Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"To Kill A Nation" by Michael Parenti [23]


More blatant revisionism built on a foundation of complete disinformation. Parenti--like most Balkan revisionists--gets himself all worked up because the West did not come to Rambouillet with a willingness to negotiate. The Milosevic government went through the pretenses of being willing to negotiate--and why not, since at least some members of the government had to realize they had pushed their luck too far once again (keep in mind that Parenti claims the Racak massacre was staged).

Parenti's complaints are that the Serbs were given a take-it-or-leave it set of conditions which, if accepted, would have allowed NATO forces to ignore Yugoslav sovereignty with some impunity. And he is correct. Whether or not you think this is a bad things depends entirely on your familiarity with reality and the calibration of your moral compass.

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Anthony said...

One thing to understand about Parenti is that he has lost most of his heroes over the last 20 years. And with Milo dead, that leads Castro (ever a favorite), Kim and Chavez.

(And I am someone who opposed US intervention in the Balkans, not intervention per se)