Thursday, August 03, 2006

Balkan Witness

Balkan Witness

I have linked to articles from this website in the past, but somehow I completely neglected to put a link to this excellent website on my sidebar. I have added it now, and I encouraged anyone who reads this to check it out. As I said, I have used this website many times. There is more content than meets the eye--the homepage is merely a portal; each link on it leads to a weatlth of links, arranged by subject. It is frequently updated, and includes a page of links just on Balkan genocide denial. Check it out.

I will be on vacation for the next eight or nine days and will be unable to work on my blog during this time. I have to return my copy of "Fools' Crusade" at any rate; but fear not, I have already placed another request from a different library; there should be a copy waiting for me when I get back. I also ordered "Balkan Tragedy" by Susan Woodward; hopefully I'll have time to examine it as well.

Keep in mind that I only link to active websites and blogs (although some are less frequently updated than others). All of the links I carry are well worth your time; I get much information and inspiration from all of these resources and their creators.


Shaina said...

I enjoy reading Balkan Witness tremendously. Peter Lipman(sp?) is also heavily involved in the advocacy project which works with local NGOs in Bosnia and other former and current trouble spots. They do so much good work.

Hope you have a fun vacation, and I look forward to reading more from you when you get back!

Frank Rosenblatt said...

Have a great vacation. I am just starting to get caught up on the good writing you've been doing recently. Trusted Friend and I are reading. Regards, BG

Katja R. said...

Sretan Put and I hope you come back well rested!

Anonymous said...

It is sad that Fools' Crusade (Srebrenica Genocide Denial book) is allowed to be placed in libraries, when most libraries would not even consider putting Holocaust Denial books on display. These books only poison the young and spread hate.

Owen said...

Daniel's got a point there. When you return the book you could paper clip onto the front of it a list of more reliable sources that you hope the source library also has on its shelves.